LETTER: Irresponsible people are also parasites

This letter is in response to Courtney Steely’s Nov. 13 letter, “Abortion will occur regardless of legality.”

She says abortion is a mother’s choice, but we are forgetting there is a father in this equation. It may be inside the woman’s body, but that doesn’t mean the DNA of the child is exclusively hers. She is correct in saying abortion will occur, even if it is illegal — but that doesn’t make it right. Murder still occurs, and it’s been illegal since the beginning of time!

Steely also calls a developing fetus a parasite. She is correct, but only according to the dictionary. Yes, it fits the definition, but this is an entirely different situation. This is a parasite that the mother (except in rape) choose to create. Actions create consequences. People who aren’t responsible for their actions are like parasites to society, but we still keep them around.

Something else that would fit Steely’s definition of a parasite: a living infant child. Parents get nothing in return for their constant hours and care and feeding. No one would disagree that killing one’s child is murder. What makes aborting a second-or third-trimester fetus different?

Courtney also tries to discredit rape and fetal health problems as a separate issue. They are not separate issues … they have different reasons for occurring. If abortion is done right away after a rape, you would only be stopping the few growing cells from growing into a living fetus.

Also, if the infant or mother has health problems that don’t allow for the birth of child, then why leave a dying fetus in the womb?

The key to abortion is responsibility. If the mother is responsible for her pregnancy, then she has the responsibility to carry through with it.

William Lincoln