IRHA joins forces with GSB in drive to register voters

The Inter-Residence Hall Association will introduce a bill Thursday that would allocate $1,000 to the Government of the Student Body for a voter registration drive.

Kyle Perkins, Towers Residence Association president, said GSB Speaker of the Senate Tony Luken introduced the idea of promoting student voter registration prior to the Ames City Council election.

Luken said GSB wants to get IRHA involved with the registration because of their manpower.

Two student residence halls, Union Drive Association and Richardson Court Association, are in the fourth ward of the election councils, he said.

Drew Miller, chairman on the committee on student voting for GSB, said GSB wants to include IRHA and get them involved with the process of registering students to vote.

Miller said GSB is trying to recruit volunteers to go door-to-door to get students to register to vote or request an absentee ballot.

“Students are often busy. [An absentee ballot] allows leeway as to when they turn in the ballot,” he said.

IRHA President Eric Peters said if the bill is passed, “GSB will make a new emphasis on residence hall [students]” in their attempt to get more students to vote.

ā€” Emily Oliver