Calef column bad advice for all

Tim Grenz

After reading his column on the “Pink Pistols” I can’t help but wonder if Zach Calef was born and raised in a Remington factory. Do you really think guns are the answer to all the world’s problems?

In his column he states, “There is no other civil rights group in this country that uses a more effective way to ensure equality.” Guns ensure equality? Last time I checked, guns were tools used to kill. What does murder have to do with equality? The next line reads, “What better way to avoid becoming a victim of a hate crime than arming yourself.”

Another quote from later in the article reads, “Other `minority’ groups could learn a lot from the Pistols.” That is not good advice, not for anyone.

But let’s just say we agree with Zach. So the LGBTAA members should all go get guns?

Muslims who are feeling uneasy about the anti-Muslim sentiments being felt all over America, even in Ames, should get guns? African-Americans in the South, afraid of the KKK and other hate groups, should get guns?

It doesn’t take a genius to see that would not be the type of world anyone would want to live in. Maybe if Zach took his head out of the elephant’s ass for 10 minutes and lived in the 21st century he might realize that guns are not good.

Their only purpose is to hurt and kill, not promote equality. And maybe he could realize that the Second Amendment is the most outdated thing in our lawbooks today. Or maybe I’m wrong, and I just need to go to the gun shop and buy some equality.

Tim Grenz


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