Foreign policy changes are needed

Rory M. Gopaul

Sept. 11, 2001 has secured its place in the psyches of the human population. An act of destruction, a symbolic representation of hatred and frustration will hopefully make us re-examine our basic beliefs as Americans.

Since the early twentieth century when Woodrow Wilson established this country as the “Global Policeman,” Americans have looked down their collective nose at the rest of the world.

Yes, this was a terrible event, and one that should not go unpunished. This was, however, a symptom of the real problem.

The foreign policy of the United States has been atrocious for all too long. Our leaders have picked sides for us and contributed money and other resources to rogue states and established countries abound.

Before we simply destroy our newfound enemies, let’s try to understand why they would hate us so much in the first place. We are the greatest country in the world by our own definitions.

It may be time that we understand how the rest of the world measures greatness.

Rory M. Gopaul


Finance and management