Time to rhyme

Marcus Charter

I have always been of the opinion that when columnists recap past events, they are simply lacking imagination to write something original. Guilty, your honor.

His Airness is back, dunking and bragging,

Bringing victories, sellouts, interest, and tongue wagging.

The Rocket is real, 20 wins to his credit.

The Yanks, champs again. If I had cash, I would bet it.

The Vikes 0-2, could things get worse?

They already have, the Bengals are first.

Tony and Cal make final trips to the plate.

We’ve all been lucky to witness something great.

Bonds chases Mac with a record in sight.

68 … 69 … 70, he just might.

Houston’s deep, they’ve got the hitters.

Cubs, Cards whiff at splitters.

Refs call foul, we need more cash.

Replacements stink, so a deal is hashed.

Major Leaguers donate a day’s pay!

Tiger Woods puts a flag on Ebay.

Ex-ISU players play intramurals to win.

Frat boys cheat bad, the fix was in.

The Cyclones are winning, another good year?

A trip to Lincoln looms, will they show fear?

Sampras loses final, but comes awfully close.

NBC doesn’t care, they show his wife most.

Emmitt’s rushing, towards first place.

Payton fans watch, with great distaste.

Buildings fall, games called, start up again.

New York resurrects, the U.S. will win.

Dr. Seuss had better watch out.

Marcus Charter is a junior in journalism and mass communication from Ames.