Reputation, size of Ames appeal to final police chief candidate

David Frost

William Sullivan, father of ISU basketball player Jake Sullivan, is the third and final candidate for the Ames chief of police.

At City Hall Tuesday, Sullivan said although it is kind of a “parent’s revenge” to follow his children to college, there are many good reasons to come to Ames.

A sound career progression, and the size and reputation of Ames and its police department were all contributing factors to Sullivan’s decision to apply for the position.

“[I’m] too old, too tired to go somewhere that is a disaster,” he said.

Sullivan said he is looking for a step up in his career as a police officer. He has been the chief of police in Oakdale, Minn. for 13 years. Prior to this position, he was the chief of police in Emmetsburg.

“I am not looking to leave, I am looking for a better opportunity for my personal and professional development,” Sullivan said at the speech at City Hall Tuesday.

He said Ames is unique because of the college atmosphere. Working in a college community would be a new experience, especially working with the DPS, Sullivan said.

“Every indication I have to this point is the relationship between the Ames Police Department and the DPS is excellent and I see no reason why that relationship could not continue,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan said coming from outside the community into this department would be a challenge because he lacks a history with the Ames community. On the other hand, he said, he has made the switch twice before.

Sullivan said community policing has been in existence for years, but lacked a name.

“Communities like Ames or Oakdale have been doing that for many, many years and just perhaps did not have a name for it and [it was] maybe not as organized as it could [have been],” he said.

The selection process has gone very well, said Steve Schainker, city manager.

“I try to take into account the various types of feedback,” he said.”

Schainker said the final decision will probably be made in August.