Lighthouse to officially open today

Amy Pint

ISU students and alumni can view a 50-foot lighthouse mural in the newly remodeled student center, The Lighthouse.

The center, located on the corner of Lincoln Way and Sheldon Avenue, will be the home of the Cyclone Bible Fellowship, Helping International Students, the Indonesian Bible Fellowship and the Malaysian Christian Fellowship. It will celebrate its opening today from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The four organizations are all associated with Campus Baptist Church, 57011 E. Highway 30.

“The lighthouse stands high and strong and is symbolic of this building and the vision of the organization as we strive to be a shining light and a source of hope and strength for those in the community,” said Josh Anderson, vice president of Cyclone Bible Fellowship.

Will Hatfield, son of the minister of international students at Campus Baptist Church, said the event was planned around Veishea to have alumni’s participation while they are back in Ames.

“We’re just excited about the opportunity to have alumni back and different groups here to show what God’s done,” he said.

Anderson, sophomore in industrial engineering, said he is excited about tonight’s program.

“We can’t wait to share with Iowa State and the community all of the exciting things that have been happening lately,” he said.

“People are going to come away from our dedication ceremony with the appreciation for what God has done.”

Lee Abuhl, pastor of Cyclone Bible Fellowship, said he’s hoping to spread the word about these organizations with this event.

“This event is really to let the entire Ames community know we are here,” he said. “It’s the concept that we are here to help people.”

Abuhl also said the center was part of a three-year project of providing a place for students.

“It’s a clean hangout where they can play, study and have some snacks,” he said. “Also, when people have questions about spiritual things, we are here.”

The evening will include refreshments, music, self-guided tours and displays by the student organizations and testimonies from ISU alumni, Hatfield said.