Name callers: Grow up

Editorial Board


What does this word bring to mind?

Yesterday a flier was smeared across the ISU campus with the goal of branding a student with this hateful and derogatory word.

Whatever the motives were of the group that called itself “Students Against Dirty Whores,” their efforts were a disgusting example of insecurity at work.

Whoever made the flier has problems that go far beyond any shade of green.

What else could possibly inspire such animosity toward another human being? And not just one human being either, but everyone who knows and cares about this person too.

Did they have a list of criteria?

Check this box if she walks like a slut?

Bashing your former best friend may have seemed like the popular thing to do in junior high, but we like to think that by college we’ve progressed beyond spiteful name calling.

Actions like these are not tolerated in the real world and are unacceptable no matter how old you are.

In case your mother never told you this, here’s a quick lesson about how to act like a grown-up and a decent human being — don’t call people names.

This rule is especially important to remember if you don’t want to be charged with harassment or slander, which DPS officials say are appropriate for the meaning behind this flier’s message.


It may mean a lot more than you think.