Letter to the editor: We don’t think we’re better than you, we know it

Chris Sullivan

In response to the articles and opinions of Jared Rodecker and Robert Kuczenski on Wednesday, Sept. 28, I would like to defend the greek system and what it stands for. It is an organization like any other. Many of us come off cocky and ignorant to you, Robert? Well, it’s called pride. I have great pride in my house, and believe in everything it instills in me. Many feel great pride – that’s why you see letters on many of the greeks. Maybe if you had pride in something, you’d show it too. As for Mr. Rodecker, we are not rich, white racists. I come from a middle-income family that struggles to make ends meet. Being greek has no bearing on how much money you have. I have yet to meet one racist through any function in this system and would not consider myself one. We provide a network of social activity for everyone who wants to be a part of it, not just rich white kids. You two have no clue what the greek system is truly about and that is why you harness deep-seated ill-will towards us. You think we think we’re better than you – we don’t. We know it. The pride we take in our houses makes us feel we are the best. It is not about cockiness. So grow up and find something worthwhile to argue about the next time you’re playing Nintendo and drinking beer. If you don’t like us, leave us alone. Chris Sullivan


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