Get out the vote

Editorial Board

You’re undoubtedly tired of hearing about it.

Well, quite frankly, we wish we didn’t have to talk about it so much.

But it’s just too important to let go.

Vote today in the GSB elections.

Today is the last day of the presidential and senatorial elections. Today is the last day to choose someone to represent you. Today is the last day you get the chance to make your voice heard.

Sure, you’re tired. You’ve got a lot on your plate, what with midterms and papers due and assignments up the wazoo.

We understand. We’re tired, too.

But if you don’t vote, your tests and papers and assignments won’t matter so much, because you’ll have failed to learn the most important thing college should teach you.

You are part of a community right now. And because of your role in the community of Iowa State, you have a duty, an obligation to everyone else in your community. You have a civic responsibility.

It’s really not a difficult responsibility. Voting only takes a few minutes of your time, but it’s worth so much more.

And we’re going to make it even easier for you.

Just in case you haven’t kept up with the slates for president and vice president (even though an in-depth profile of each was printed in the Daily last week), here they are:

* Rick Cordaro/Alex Olson

Rick is a junior in electrical engineering from Des Moines. Alex is a sophomore in agricultural business from Lake Mills. Both are current GSB senators. The pair is running on a platform of communication with the administration and students, student involvement on university committees and cooperation with all students.

* Ben Golding/Lisa Dlouhy

Ben is a senior in construction engineering from Cedar Rapids. Lisa is a junior in genetics from Bettendorf. Both are current GSB senators. The pair is focusing on accountability of GSB to the student body and accountability of faculty and administration to the students.

* Wendell Mosby/Luke Howell

Wendell is a senior in apparel merchandising, design and production from Chicago Heights, Ill. Luke is a junior in political science from Coal Valley, Ill. The pair is focusing on bringing effective leadership and passionate voices to the GSB executive.

* Matt Welk/Kara Ladlie

Matt is a sophomore in agricultural business from Muscatine. Kara is a junior in agricultural education from Albert Lea, Minn. The pair is running on equality in representation of GSB and increasing awareness of the senate on campus.

For more information about each slate, log on to

You have everything you need.

Now get out and vote.

Iowa State Daily Editorial Board: Sara Ziegler, Greg Jerrett, Kate Kompas, Carrie Tett and David Roepke.