GSB to consider changing conference funding criteria

Wendy Weiskircher

With the annual Government of the Student Body funding process underway, the senate will discuss the funding criteria for this spring’s allocations at its meeting tonight.

Each spring, GSB gives money to student organizations based on a prepared budget. Guidelines for these allocations are specified in the funding criteria. This year, if the criteria are adopted, two main additions will change the way conferences are funded.

“We have been over-budget so often, and the largest allocations we make are for conferences,” said Jeremy Williams, GSB finance director. “Since we are giving all this money away, we would like to see a part of it stay on campus.”

According to the proposed funding criteria, GSB will give money for registration fees and transportation to and from the conferences. Until a few years ago, Williams said, lodging and meals were also considered for funding.

As there was no limit on the amount that could be allocated for conferences prior to this year, the new criteria propose a $750 maximum to be spent for each conference. This amount includes registration and transportation costs.

Depending on the size of the organization, only a particular number of group members are eligible to receive GSB funding for conference registration, according to the criteria. This year, the criteria add ed that only this number of people will receive money for transportation as well.

“It’s important to keep in mind that GSB funds many groups on campus,” said Jonathon Weaver, TRA. “I believe this is an attempt to fund as many groups as fairly as possible.”

The Government of the Student Body will meet Wednesday night at 7 in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union. The following will be discussed:

Seating bills:

* A bill to seat Douglas Miller as an off-campus senator. By Doorenbos, Edmiston and others.

* A bill to seat Brent Welder as an off-campus senator. By Olson, Wisher and others.

Old business:

* A bill to adopt the modified election code for the year 2000 elections. By Olson, Wisher and others.

* Three bills to amend the first, second and 18th chapters of the GSB bylaws to ensure consistency. By Olson, Wisher and others.

* A funding bill to allocate $865 to purchase 64 megabytes of random access memory, as well as a Microsoft Office 2000 professional license and CD kit, for GSB office computers. By Olson and Wisher.

* A bill to adopt funding criteria to evaluate student organizations applying for funds during the 2000-2001 allocation processes. By Doorenbos, Nimmer and others.

* A bill to decrease the amount of petition signatures necessary to earn a spot on the GSB president-vice president election ballot from 2,000 to 1,500 registered ISU students. By Skutnik, Wisher and others.

New business:

* A bill to ratify the funding agreement between GSB and the Inter-Residence Hall Association for the KURE radio station. By Edmiston and Skutnik.

* A funding bill to allocate $2,591.08 to fund the annual GSB inauguration. By Wisher, Skutnik and others.

* A resolution to support the current length of the winter break and to encourage the ISU administration and the Board of Regents not to adopt the proposed change. By Cordaro, Olson and others.