Movies at a Glance

Daily Staff Writer

“13th Warrior”

Arab hooks up with Vikings and kicks a lot of butt.

FOUR STARS — Greg Jerrett

“Brokedown Palace”

A realistic tale of two unfortunate high school graduates whose search for freedom leads them into a confining situation.

FOUR STARS — Kyle Moss

“Mickey Blue Eyes”

A comedy about an auction house owner gets tricked into the mobster lifestyle.


“Sixth Sense”

“Ordinary People” meets “Poltergeist,” minus the effects.

FOUR STARS — Greg Jerrett


Stigmatic suffers dead priest attack and lives to whine about it.

THREE STARS — Greg Jerrett

“Teaching Mrs. Tingle”

Three students capture their teacher after she hands out one too many bad grades.

TWO STARS — Kyle Moss

“The Astronaut’s Wife”

Alien-possessed astronaut knocks up wife and other various adventures.

TWO STARS — Greg Jerrett

“Universal Soldier: The Return”

Dead soldiers wreak havoc while Van Damme does same.

TWO STARS — Greg Jerrett

Ratings based on FIVE STAR scale