Cerra’s liberal hole

Michael Cook

I am writing to address the article written by Mr. Woell. First of all, I don’t like you, and I doubt anyone with even an interest in agriculture does either.

Second, I will give you credit for looking up some outdated “facts” and attempting to make a good argument against ethanol. Like others, I am in awe on why you chose to take such a stand against a product that is helping Iowa farmers in such dire economic times.

With prices the way they are, ethanol is one of the few ways farmers are trying to keep their heads above water. I realize their are some negatives to ethanol, but I believe they are overshadowed by the benefits.

To Carmen Cerra, you must be cooped up in a cage drawing cartoons from opinions that you are told to have.

The reason I say this is due to your illustration on Sept. 22.

In this cartoon, you drew a “farmer” that said ethanol makes him richer. I’m not sure if you ever crawl out of your liberal hole, but today there is no such thing as a rich farmer.

If you ever draw for a real newspaper, there are many of us who would like you to experience some real life first.

This is all I have to say about these two subjects, because unlike Mr. Woell I would like to keep my ramblings to a minimum. Thank you.

Michael Cook


Agricultural studies