Moovies moves over

Abbie Moeller

Watching movies and eating pizza are two very popular activities among college students, and one just got easier.

Video Update purchased Moovies in March and is making changes beyond the name and management.

Cheaper rentals, longer hours and new incentives are reasons Ames residents might want to check out the new video stores, according to the new manager.

Those who don’t know about the new stores aren’t alone, as the signs still bear the former name, Moovies.

Paul Flagge, west store manager for Video Update, said many positive things have happened since the change in management, including the change in closing time from 11 p.m. to midnight, and the policy of kids getting a video free with each one rented.

Moovies traditionally had 99 cent rentals on Wednesday, but now customers can get two for 99 cent on Tuesdays, Flagge said.

“Video Update definitely has their focus on catering to clientele at each specific location,” Flagge said. He said the Ames stores will focus on keeping a wide variety of videos, but especially ones that would interest college students.

Because Moovies had its headquarters out of town, having the headquarters of Video Update in Minnesota isn’t much of a change, Flagge said.

“Video Update has 400-plus stores across the nation,” he said.

One change that isn’t very obvious yet is the logo change. Flagge said management hopes to have everything converted to the red and white Video Update logo by Thanksgiving of this year. For now, some employees have Video Update shirts, and the rental cards are also new.