‘Change’ to ISU Card set for dorm laundry

Abbie Moeller

Students living in the residence halls this fall won’t need to worry about hoarding quarters for laundry. The university is installing new washers and dryers that require an ISUCard instead of change.

Renovations are in action for all laundry facilities on campus this summer. New paint, plaster, wiring, utilities, washing machines and dryers will be found in all of the residence halls by fall.

“[It’s a] whole new system,” said Karen Kellogg, facilities manager of housing.

When the contract for laundry facilities came up this year, the decision was made to remodel and replace the machines, Kellogg said. She said one reason for the replacement is the advantages of the new machines, which will accept the cash stripe on the ISUCard.

A load of laundry will still cost $.75 to wash and $.50 to dry.

“The advantage of these dryers is that you can put in an extra quarter and add 20 minutes [to drying time],” said Don Summers, the regional manager of Jetz Service Company Inc.

He said this will allow heavy loads to dry without having to do another complete cycle.

Eight of the 21 laundry facilities on campus are finished, said Mark Nelson, assistant facilities manager for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory.

“We are working with both the residence halls and with the contractor,” Nelson said.

He said it is exciting because this is the first instance of linking the Ames Lab with residence halls. He said the Ames Lab staff just recently started working outside the lab.

Nelson said the Ames Lab Facility Services Group, a sub-group of Ames Lab, is doing the renovations to prepare the areas for the new equipment.

He said he became involved in the process because all of the extra renovation work requires more than the usual maintenance staff.

Kellogg said laundry facilities at Towers Residence Association, Helser and about half of the old Richardson Court Association are done.

Other renovations are scheduled to be completed in July or the beginning of August.