Daily Staff Writer

Feb. 3

* A DPS student reserve officer reported that someone vandalized the men’s restroom in the Durham Center. Officer met SRO in Room R78 in the Durham Center. There was a pile of urine soaked toilet paper on the floor. No damage.

* Officers responded to a call at University Village of a dispute between a woman and the father of her child. Officers advised both to talk with their attorneys about visitation rights concerning the child.

* Jim Theilen, of the Memorial Union, reported finding the change machines in the Hub missing all the money. There were no signs of forced entry found. Estimated loss is $1,270.

* DPS stopped a vehicle at Pammel Dr. and 6th St. for expired plates. While officer was running a routine driver’s license check, it was found that the driver, Jennifer Lea Rezek, 3004 West St., was driving under suspension. The officer placed Rezek under arrest for driving under suspension and expired registration. She was brought to the office, where she was cited for the two offenses, and then transported to her residence.

* David John Blum, 4127 Buchanan Hall, reported that his bicycle was taken from the bike rack outside of Bessey Hall. He said the bike was not locked at the time of the theft. Estimated loss is $500.

* Mark A. Tschampl, 3103 West St. #2, reported that while he and some friends were running through the Arboretum, at around 10:45 p.m., he slipped on a patch of ice and injured his left ankle. He was transported to Mary Greeley Medical Center.

Feb. 4

* Officer stopped a vehicle on Mortensen Road after officer observed the vehicle not stop for three stop signs. While running a routine driver’s license check, it was found that the driver, William O. Otu, 2101 Oakwood #8, had a warrant out of Ames. Officer contacted the Ames Police Department, and they verified that the warrant was an active warrant. Officer placed Otu under arrest, and transported him to the APD.

* Adam E. Simmons, 7327 Wallace Hall, reported finding a mountain bike in front of Lot 61. Officer checked the ISU license on the bike and was able to locate the owner. Estimated value of the bike is $150.

Feb. 5

* Ayman Salem Almutairi, 5225 Willow Hall, was observed driving a motor vehicle while his license was revoked. Almutairi was cited and released for driving while revoked.

* Becky L. Kelce, 2101 Oakwood Rd., reported that when she walked into the women’s locker room at the Physical Education Building to get ready for a swim she found a male looking through locker #S42. Unable to locate male.

Feb. 6

* Ibrahime M Bapanza, 1443 Hawthorn Court., reported that he had received a harassing phone call. Officer talked with Ibrahime, and advised him of his options.

Feb. 7

* Officers stopped a vehicle at Lincoln Way and Ash Avenue for not using seat belts. The driver of the vehicle, Beletia Demetrius Parks, 1231 N. Dakota, gave the officer a false name. He gave the name of Kurt M. Horton, which was the passenger in the vehicle. Parks was placed under arrest for false information to a law enforcement agency, and also for having no driver’s license. The passenger in the vehicle, Kurt M. Horton, 7365 Larch Hall, had an unserved suspension for his driver’s license. He was served the suspension notice.

* Douglas Fils, 214C Office and Lab, reported that an Apple/MacIntosh Notebook computer, belonging to ISU, was taken from his desk while he was at a meeting. He said that when he returned, he found the power cord still on the desk, but the computer was gone. No suspects. Estimated loss is $1,494.

* A vehicle driven by Mamun Mamun, 1501 Hawthorn Court., was stuck in the snow at his residence. Mamun had his wife, Herien Puspitawati, try to help him by trying to shovel the snow behind the car. Puspitawati dropped the shovel, and when she bent down to get it, the vehicle came loose and backed up hitting her. Puspitawati was taken to Mary Greeley Medical Center.

* Holly B. Fuller reported that she had left $200 in her purse, in Room 114 State Gym, while she attended a meeting in Beyer Hall. She said that her purse had been left just inside the door and the door was left unlocked, and partially ajar, at the time of the theft. Estimated loss is $200.

Feb. 8

* Pressie Yang, 9415 Wilson Hall, reported that a vacuum cleaner was taken from 9446 Wilson Hall. Yang and other floor members stated that Matthew John Runge, 3222 Lincoln Way, had taken the vacuum, because he was seen in the elevator with it. He said he had left it on a female floor in Wilson Hall. He said it was one of the floors below the 5th floor. Officer and dorm guards were unable to locate the vacuum. Estimated loss is $70.

* Officers stopped a vehicle at S. 4th St. and Elwood Drive for having a headlight out. After running a driver’s license check, it was found that the driver, Brian Richard Dooley, 1006 Lincoln Way #7, had a suspended driver’s license. Officer cited Dooley for driving under suspension.

*Jeremiah S. Patterson, 1519 Hawthorn Court, reported that his bicycle was taken from in front of his residence. He stated that the bike was not locked at the time of the theft. Estimated loss is $90. Later, Patterson called and stated that he had found his bicycle next to the railroad tracks, at Lincoln Way and Ridgewood.

* DPS received a report, from the 8th floor RA in Wallace Hall, of a suspicious odor coming from 8331 Wallace Hall. Upon arrival officers were directed to Room 8133. Officer knocked on the door, and Desmond E. Walton, answered the door. When Walton opened the door, officers could smell a marijuana odor coming from the room. Residue that was found in the ashtrays in the room was tested and proved to be marijuana. Officers also found three bottles of alcohol in the room. Officer cited Walton for underage possession of alcohol and for possession of a controlled substance.

* Matthew Jos Kaliyadan, 1563 Helser Hall, reported that he had been assaulted. He said that five to seven males, who were in 1570 Helser Hall, had dragged him down the hallway and tried to give him a swirly (place a person’s head inside a toilet and flush it), and he wanted to press charges against them. Officer spoke with those involved. Investigation will continue.

Feb. 9

* Robin Renee Reidell, 3057 Oak Hall, reported receiving a harassing phone call on her answering machine. She stated that the caller was a male, and that he left a phone number. Officer checked the number through dispatch, and it came back to 4849 Helser Hall. Officer contacted the two males that live in 4849 Helser and they denied making any of the calls.

Feb. 11

* Alan Henry Tkaczyk, 5548 Friley Hall, reported that he has been receiving harassing phone calls. He said that when he answers the phone, the other end is silent.

* Officer picked up Deandre D. Harris, 4353 Larch Hall, on an Ames police warrant. He was transported to the Ames Police Department.

* Jennifer Ellen Kelly, 4038 Oak Hall, reported that she found an offensive photograph on her car windshield, in Lot 63. There was another car parked next to her that looked like the vehicle she was driving.

* Randall C. Duval, 21A Schilletter Village, reported that he has been receiving harassing phone calls. He said that the caller would stay on the line, but would not say anything.

* Michael Lord, State Gym, reported that a student playing basketball had broken a mirror in State Gym. It was found that the mirror had been broken before, and that the student did not do any damage to the mirror.