Volunteers, resumes focus of meeting

Eden Thacker

Volunteering and how to build a resume, were the topics of the YWCA meeting Wednesday in the Gold Room of the Memorial Union.

A panel of four female speakers discussed how people can become involved in volunteer services both on- and off-campus.

Judy Dolphin, director of the Ames-Iowa State YWCA, said people should build skills through being active in their community.

“You have to become involved. What you do in that job is what you can build on your resume material. We always welcome volunteers, and we currently have different positions available to anyone who wants to become a volunteer,” Dolphin said.

“This is our 107th year on this campus. Our mission is a commitment to free people of oppression, eliminate racism and other things of this sort through volunteer services. We get a chance to do education programming, which reflects upon our mission statement,” Dolphin said.

“We are a women’s membership movement and a community and student organization,” she said.

Ahnalee Luchtel, a volunteer representative for YWCA, spoke about her experience as a volunteer and how the student organization operates.

“We keep in contact with agencies in the Ames community and connect students with these agencies so they may obtain voluntary experience,” Luchtel said.

“You can always develop your skills through volunteering, and resumes will help you get interviews because activities, such as volunteering, are a positive reflection,” she said.

Charene Starcevic, a speaker from the Ames Volunteer Center, discussed the volunteering services her organization provides.

“Volunteering is very important when dealing with what you do with your life and how you succeed,” Starcevic said.

She said the center works to mobilize people so they can deal with community problems and has served 5,400 people altogether.

“Adult, youth, disaster and resource programs are what we are involved with and these programs help us to see that our mission is fulfilled,” Starcevic said.