U.S. Rep. Boswell tours ISU swine center

John Mullen

A week after being sworn into the U.S. House of Representatives, Leonard Boswell, a Democrat from Iowa’s third district, found himself touring the swine center at Iowa State.

Soon after the Ames Laboratory received its $1.5 million grant from the Department of Energy, Boswell toured the facility, as well as the National Veterinary Services Lab and the Meat Lab. He also met with deans and doctors of the College of Agriculture and the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Boswell’s goal was to become more acquainted with interface between the national laboratories and their relationship with what is going on with the university itself, he said.

“It’s quite obvious it’s a great relationship and looks to me that the national effort has more investment and more opportunity than anywhere else in the country,” Boswell said.

Boswell said he is in favor of continuing federal research funding at ISU because students have the advantage of the expertise that comes from good teaching and good research. A new member of Congress, Boswell wishes to continue with the work that has already been done.

“The wisdom of whoever has done this is revealed in these professors and scientists who are here to teach you,” he said. “You get to have the advantage of that expertise because it’s here for the teaching process and the research process.”

Boswell said he has been a large supporter of ISU and its activities for years.

A person dealing with agricultural business, Boswell has a farm in southern Iowa. He cites the importance of the research and production of food and fiber to be major staples in today’s society.

“The production of food and fiber and research in regards to food and fiber has got to be highly important in everybody’s agenda. Regardless of what profession you’re in, or whatever you do for your vocation, food and fiber is a basic,” Boswell said. With the world’s growing population, and the role of the United States as a world leader, Boswell feels that Iowa State should continue with this research.

“It’s our responsibility,” he said. “Somebody said a dollar invested in research in agriculture and food and fiber production is, like, a one to 30 return.”

Boswell said his appreciation of ISU continues to grow every time he visits campus because it is a land grant university.

He said Iowa State is not only important to the state and local communities, but it is also important to the country.

“I talked with staff and discussed some of the things going on here, and also the university is very interested in inviting me to come here,” he said. “The university wanted to make sure that I was aware of these things.”

Boswell said he will continue to return to ISU in the future to stay abreast of student work and research activities.

“I’m very pro-Iowa State,” he said. “It’s not something I’ve come into, I’ve been that way for some time.”