Hilton Magic is gone

Joe Van Haecke and Steve Banyas

Where has the Magic gone? The Magic that cheers the entire game, from the opening introduction to the ending buzzer, through the time-outs and commercial breaks. The Magic that heckles any opposing team, any opposing coach, any opposing “star.”

The Magic that gets so loud even the announcers have to shout to be heard. The Magic that appears, no matter who the opposing team is. The Magic that inspires the Cyclones, defensively and offensively. The Magic that leaves fans hoarse until the next game. Lately,the Magic seems to be lacking.

Hilton Magic is not an occurrence; it is 100% fan participation. We feel that the Magic is slowly disappearing.

Fading to black at the end of a career, if you will. Cyclone Fans, we challenge you to pull the Magic back out of the hat, to return the Magic to its greatness, to once again make the Magic, and Hilton Coliseum, something to be respected. And feared.

Joe Van Haecke

Class of 1990

Steve Banyas

Class of 1991

Lenexa, Kan.