New logo defines Veishea

Jennifer Dostal

What has been touted the largest student-run celebration in the nation is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

Iowa State and Veishea will celebrate 75 years of leadership in technology this year with a new logo and publicity using new technology.

Student graphic designers on the Veishea public relations board submitted ideas for the new logo.

The new logo captures the theme of Veishea this year and celebrates its anniversary, said Chelsea Olson, Veishea public relations co-chair.

The new logo features the numeral 75 set against the letter V and is surrounded by the tail of a shooting star.

The V represents the name Veishea, which stands for the original seven colleges of Iowa State.

The 75 symbolizes the past 75 years of the celebration and the theme, “75 Years of Leadership.”

The shooting star represents a bright future for Iowa State and the student-run celebration.

The new logo will appear on hats, T-shirts, posters and other promotional items sold during Veishea.

One item the committee’s public relations board produced with the new logo is an informational brochure which contains a map of the Torchathon route, a schedule of Veishea events and student-sponsored open houses, Olson said.

For those who don’t want to wait for the brochure, the committee has also created a Veishea homepage.

The Web page address is

The page lists all the committees and committee chairs of Veishea. The page is now under construction, but its creator, Ben Burnett, sophomore in computer science, said the page will be completed soon.

“I’d like to incorporate more interactive pages,” Burnett said. Some of his ideas include a list of all Veishea committee members, a chat forum for future Veishea suggestions and a Veishea FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions.)

Burnett said the ideas still need to be discussed with the public relations board and stressed they are not definite additions to the homepage.