Cyclone soccer to be tested in final game of the season


Iowa State soccer head coach Matt Fannon gives instructions to his team against Kansas State on Oct. 30, 2020

Nick Flores

This season for the Iowa State Cyclones has been a learning process for the coaching staff and players. With the addition of new head coach Matt Fannon, the Cyclones have improved in a lot of aspects of their game but ultimately cant find the winning results they need yet. 

Last game against Kansas State is a prime example of this. 

The Cyclones dominated Kansas State in almost every statistic yet were defeated 2-0 due to two quick counter attacks. This has been the case on several occasions this season as the Cyclones would be the clearly dominate team but, they would fall short. 

Freshman midfielder Hannah Shaw believes the Cyclones deserved more from the game against Kansas State.

“I think that Kansas State did a good job of packing the box and making sure that we didn’t score,” Shaw said. “But at the same time I feel like we had some good chances and I honestly feel like we could have won that game.”

Winning these games is something that may take time though according to head coach Matt Fannon. 

“Do I still feel just as confident that Iowa State is really going to be a powerhouse in this conference, yes I do,” Fannon said. “Is it going to happen this season, we know that answer to that is no but it was probably a bit of naivety to think it would happen overnight.” 

Heading into their final game of the season away to the University of Kansas, the Cyclones are looking to go out with the same system and style of play hoping to get a win to end the season on a high note. 

Going up against a Jayhawks team who were one of the top teams in the nation last year will definitely be a test for the Cyclones. Although they are coming off of two back to back losses, they are still a dangerous team to face and Fannon recognizes that.

“We know that they’re a team that in many ways are the opposite of us,” Fannon said. “What I mean by that is they’ve had so many close games and in most of them have come out on top. They’re a team of players who is used to winning and that psychologically and emotionally in the big moments means that they’ve won more games than they’ve lost, and for us, unfortunately, we haven’t quite figured that out.”

The Cyclones are up for a challenge as they head into this match-up against the Kansas Jayhawks and it will be a great test for them.

The game is set for kick-off on Friday at 7 p.m. It will be available to stream on ESPN+ via Big 12 Now.