Tibbs: ‘I feel like I’m constantly learning’


Senior Editorial Board Member Ashley Tibbs is a senior in journalism and mass communication.

Ashley Tibbs

Out of all the staff at the Iowa State Daily, I’m definitely the newest. I switched majors to journalism close to three months ago.

I can say with absolute certainty this was the best decision I’ve made this year. 

Finding your passion is incredibly hard. I loved my old major, but I lacked the passion and drive my peers there seemed to have.

I started college with a major in agriculture, though choosing even that was the result of years of questioning myself and my choices. In hindsight, it only makes sense that I would eventually switch out of that major. I had hoped college would help me choose “the one” — the one thing I knew I would want to do for the rest of my life. 

I’ll admit, I never expected “the one” to be journalism. 

Perhaps I should have, though. I’ve been passionate — really, truly passionate — about writing since I was a child. Why I never considered a career in journalism is beyond me, but now that I have, there’s really no turning back.

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to write columns for the opinion section of the Daily and was also a member of the ISD Editorial Board. This led to my current job as an editor and is what inspired me to change my major completely.

Now, I get to use my passion for writing (and reading) every single day. 

One of the best things about working in opinion is the wide range of perspectives and opinions I get to hear. No two people will see something the same way, and that’s wonderful.

To get to reach the entirety of Iowa State with a variety of opinions, thoughts and ideas is truly invaluable. Diversity of thought is essential to a well-functioning society, especially on a college campus. Students come to college both to learn and to have new experiences. Exposing yourself to new perspectives is truly one of the best ways to grow. 

I’ve certainly learned a lot in my short time at the Daily, both from the other staff and from the students who submit guest columns or letters. 

I feel like I’m constantly learning new ways to look at a subject. Perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned so far (and trust me, I’ve got a long way to go) is this: in opinion, the point is not to win a debate — it’s to start a conversation. 

On News Engagement Day, I hope you’ll take the time to, well, engage with the news. Read an opinion piece or news story. Open yourself up to a new perspective and help us create more conversations.