Editorial: How the new COVID-19 regulations affect ISU students


The ISD Editorial Board supports Iowa State and their decisions for the upcoming fall semester experience. 

Editorial Board

Everyone is excited about the upcoming fall semester. Iowa State University is trying its best to give the students the most optimal and safest learning experience possible, but at what costs?  

The university is planning to have classes in a hybrid function of in-person and online classes. It may be more difficult for students, especially freshmen, to connect with other students as campus fills with more bodies. Students will find themselves in a limited college life experience with strong social distancing regulations.

There will be fewer face-to-face interactions with online classes for the majority of students, which we believe will make it harder for students to connect with others, and they may feel less comfortable connecting with their professors as a result as well. There are some universities that will have classes only in an online format. At least Iowa State is allowing for in-person classes via the hybrid format. 

However, since everyone is expected to behave differently and wear masks, we think it will also give us a sense of community. Unlike the whole country that’s debating whether masks are liberal or conservative, Iowa State will be building camaraderie through these guidelines. We are in this together and it will be beneficial that we are all on the same page. It will be difficult, but nothing we can’t move past. 

Having at least one in-person class for freshmen will help them get a head start on the college learning experience. 

It is a good idea to have laboratory classes in person. Since students are expected to wear masks and shields, this will lower the risk of transforming the virus, offering a safe environment to students within these classes. There are many techniques that require hands-on experience in a laboratory class. In the end, students will have a more effective learning experience because labs are in person. 

The truth is, most of the real-world experience we learn is not usually learned in a classroom. Everyone is always trained for the job and what we learn outside of working environments is essential as well. The health and safety of everyone should be a priority for the university.  

If students find it not safe to attend in-person classes, Iowa State has given the option of selecting all classes online. This is a wise decision taken by the university so no one is forced to come in person or go online. Iowa State is still allowing a personalized academic experience based on students’ comfort zones. 

Iowa State has expanded the move-in days to the dorms and university apartments. On campus, dorm life is one of the most important experiences for freshmen. That is why Iowa State is testing for COVID-19, assuring every student is safe and COVID-free. Likewise, the staff will be required to perform a daily symptom check before working. ISU Dining has also arranged many steps for students to take in order to experience the best and most healthy food options for students.  

We give our utmost support to Iowa State to offer the best experience to students. Let’s all support Iowa State to help everyone get a safe and effective learning experience for this upcoming fall semester.