Your horoscopes for the weekend


Horoscopes Design

The stars may have the answers you’ve been searching for lately. Take a look at your weekend horoscopes and evaluate the different energies in your life right now. 

Aries: You’ve been feeling a lot of positive energy surrounding you lately. Don’t be surprised if new relationships come your way, flirtatious or platonic. 

Taurus: You may have to put your plans on hold in the near future. But, worry not. This delay in your life can bring new opportunities you weren’t expecting. 

Gemini: You’ve been a social butterfly lately and welcoming a lot of new relationships into your life. Keep an eye out for the ones that bring a connection deeper than most. 

Cancer: You haven’t been too fond of the energy surrounding you lately. Misunderstandings and arguments can be solved with quick and healthy communication. 

Leo: You may notice an energetic boost in your life soon. Take advantage of this by taking chances and risks. Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous. 

Virgo: You may notice a friend making a decision you don’t agree with. While you want to stop them, remember all you can do is give advice, beyond that is out of your control. 

Libra: You’ve always been the peacemaker of the group and that energy may come in handy soon. Take time to be a leader of negotiation and communication. 

Scorpio: You’re feeling very eager in many aspects of your life today, but evaluate the situation closely before jumping in too soon. Don’t take any shortcuts. 

Sagittarius: You’ve always been a very introspective person, but too much philosophizing might get in the way of your worry-free attitude. Don’t think too much. 

Capricorn: You may feel like you’ve been failing in many aspects of life lately. But, this is not the end of the road. Take these losses as a learning opportunity, not defeat. 

Aquarius: You’ve found yourself attracted to the uniqueness of someone special in your life lately. Be honest with them, let them know you want to get to know them better. 

Pisces: You’ve never been the type to overshare, but it may be tempting lately. You feel as if your life is going almost too swimmingly. Share your positivity, but don’t be too cocky.