Rasmussen: The irony of the COVID-19 lockdown protestors


Olivia Rasmussen thinks it’s ironic that the protesters who want total control of their rights and freewill during this pandemic are the same people who demand the rights and freewill of others to cease to exist if it inconveniences them in some alleged way.

Olivia Rasmussen

The last couple of weeks have consisted of Donald Trump supporters stomping the streets, falsely believing their rights are being stripped from them while gripping signs and guns. President Trump has been calling for his supporters to “LIBERATE” while spewing the fake narrative that their constitutional rights are under attack.

Signs that read “my body, my choice” or a variation of that have been captured during these protests. The idiocy of believing it is a choice whether or not a literal virus infects a person is beyond comprehension, but what makes this laughably ironic is the fact that when other laws infringing on the rights of a woman’s choice to decide what happens with her body is present, “my body, my choice” melts away into a screeching chorus of anti-choice conservatives.

When the government is infringing on the rights of same-sex couples wanting to adopt the children “pro-life” propagandists ignore once they are born into actual existence are denied the right to do so based on flimsy religious veils, it is apparently justifiable and befittingly controlled.

When brown and black people are arrested, they “should have been following the rules,” but the moment unfavorable rules fall upon the protestor’s doorstep, they have the freedom to rebel and disobey? They link in their rebellion with the First Amendment but demand silence when unarmed black men are begging police officers not to shoot. Black and Latino communities are being hit with waves of increasing devastation more so than other communities due to socioeconomic issues, but if they started (rightfully) storming the streets, demanding that their government do more to help them, how do you think the pro-Trump protestors would react?

“The face mask you’re wearing symbolizes you losing your freedom of speech,” was written on a truck partaking in a protest. Clearly, the lockdown protestors still have their freedom of speech by writing absurdities freely on their vehicles and whining in the streets.

Pitiful signs about wanting a haircut or to go golfing during a literal pandemic signifies that these protestors do not want to go back to work — they want others to risk their lives for their negligible desires. We are all tired of the virus, we are all being affected financially, emotionally, physically and so on. While those protestors put themselves and others at risk because they erroneously believe their rights are under attack, they are only making this worse and prolonging the road to recovery as a nation.

It is obvious that these protestors pick and choose who gets to express their freedom of speech and choice. Disenfranchised communities are often silenced and are expected to follow every single rule and stipulation even if it is unjust, yet armed white men and women ride on their privilege to protest and rebel against their leaders during a pandemic with no consequence or backlash. The protestors do not believe in science or what medical professionals are telling them, just like Trump.

This should enrage you — these protestors are bringing their children and their elderly to these rallies, potentially infecting and killing those around them, and for what? The states and government are enforcing shelter-in-place policies and temporary closures for everyone’s safety.