Wells: Five ways to beat the social distancing boredom blues


Editor-in-Chief Annelise Wells writes about five ways she is keeping busy while social distancing. 

Annelise Wells

It’s been weeks of social distancing, and while it’s super important and I encourage everyone to stay home as much as possible, the stir-craziness has definitely started to set in.

Whether you are still in Ames or back in your hometown, it’s starting to get hard to be creative when you can’t hang out with your friends, family or anyone outside of your immediate home.

Here are five ways I am staying sane, but also safe, during this time of social distancing.

1. Opening the windows

It seems like a small thing to do, but as the weather gets nicer out, it’s harder for me to stay inside. I find that working on assignments near an open window on a nice day does a lot of good for my mental health and work ethic. Some sun and a nice breeze help me cope with cabin fever. 

2. Host a “Netflix party” with friends or family

Netflix Party is a great free chrome add-on where you can stream the same shows/movies at the same time on Netflix as your friends and family. There is even a chat room so you can talk and commentate on whatever you are watching. “Too Hot to Handle” was a mess to watch, but an enjoyable one to talk about with friends. So if you and your friend group are looking for a way to still hang out safely, this is a great option. Visit netflixparty.com for more details and instructions.

3. Go out for a drive

Getting out of the house doesn’t mean you have to necessarily go to another destination. Taking a quick drive around the neighborhood, blasting some tunes and singing along can be a great, safe way to get some time away from those you are quarantined with, or just to feel some sense of normalcy again. Who knew I would miss my daily drives to work?

4. Deep cleaning

Now while cleaning may not seem like the most exciting thing, decluttering and organizing your room or apartment will make you feel productive and better about your workspace. If you are going to be sheltering in place for a while, you want your area to bring joy and not stress. Put on your favorite podcast and get at it! If you’re sick of your room layout, you can even rearrange items and move things around to get a “newer” feel.

5. Find a new recipe to cook or DIY project

Between classes and jobs, it can sometimes be hard to have the time to play around with new recipes and cook everyday. See what you have around your house that you could bake or cook, or pull out some old embroidery thread and start upcycling your clothes. Don’t go out to the store for unessential materials, just try and see what you can come up with at home. Pinterest is a great resource for this!

Try to make the best of this time inside. The most important thing is to stop the spread and flatten the curve, but you can still have fun while being safe.