Student Government passes funding contacts, reviews Annual Allocations


Student Government senators discuss the agenda during the Feb. 19 Student Government meeting.

Cassie Lehmann

Student Government approved Iowa State Supreme Court justices, reviewed funding bills and contracts, as well as looked at the Annual Allocations budget on Wednesday night.

Previously, the Student Government Supreme Court was empty and six students expressed interest in changing that.

Aubrey Matthews, junior in environmental science, Olivia Christensen, sophomore in management and political science, Sen. Noah Heasley, junior in computer science, Marcos Ferreyra, freshman in criminal justice studies, Andrew Brueck, freshman in political science and Alex Cecil, freshman in mechanical engineering, were all approved with unanimous consent.

Senate also looked upon two funding contracts, one for the Student Union Board (SUB) and one for the Iowa State Daily.

Regarding SUB, the contract proposed said that SUB will receive $100,000 from Student Government every fiscal year, with an additional $25,000 allocated once per year from the Special Projects account for the next three years.

“Student Government recognizes the importance SUB plays in providing the Iowa State campus and students with a series of diverse cultural, recreational, social, and educational entertainment programs,” according to the document. “Student Government funds SUB as a service to provide and facilitate activities for the ISU community, and enhance the student experience.”

The contract would be valid for three years as proposed.

“The Student Union Board shall receive $100,000 from Student Government every Iowa State University fiscal year,” according to the document. “An additional $25,000 may be allocated once per year, from the Special Projects Account, with intended use being the use of Hilton Coliseum, Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center, or an outdoor venue and all associated costs that are incurred with this undertaking. This allocation will come upon a request from SUB at any time during the fall or spring semesters, and with confirmation from a 2/3 vote in Finance Committee and the signature of the current Student Government President.”

The funding contract passed with a vote of 26-0-0.

Next, Senate discussed a contract for the Iowa State Daily.

“Student Government recognizes the importance of timely, relevant, and accurate news and features about campus, local, state, national, and world events to the student life at Iowa State University,” according to the document. “For that reason, Student Government funds a subscription to the Iowa State Daily for the student body, as a service to provide information and enhance the student experience.”

The contract proposed the newspaper would receive up to $340,000 every fiscal year for the next five years.

“The Publication Board shall receive up to $340,000 from Student Government every subsequent Iowa State University fiscal year, contingent on completion of the performance metrics specified in Covenant 3c,” according to the document. “The Student Government President and the Student Government Finance Director, or their designee(s), shall attend the February Publication Board meeting every year to discuss any issues between the two parties, and report back to the Student Government Senate.”

The funding contract passed with a vote of 22-5-0.

Furthermore, with the Annual Allocations budget approved by the Finance Committee, Senate reviewed their recommendations for the 2021 fiscal year.

The bill proposed for $1,530,256.07 to be allocated to organizations and sports clubs for the next academic year.

“The Finance Committee has been conducting the Annual Allocations process during the previous few weeks to review these requests, and […] All budgets that have been preliminary approved by the Finance Committee now require final confirmation by the Senate of Student Government,” according to the document.

The bill passed with a vote 27-0-0.

For more information or to contact your senator, visit The senate meetings are open to the public at 7 p.m. Wednesdays in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.