Editorial: Make spring break about you


The ISD Editorial Board advises students to stay healthy and enjoy spring break.

Editorial Board

Now that spring break has rolled around, people are gearing up for their much-needed recovery from midterms. No matter where you plan to spend your well-deserved break, it’ll be nice to get a rest from the hecticness that campus can be during the week.

Although not everyone gets to go home during spring break, consider doing something you have distanced yourself from. Pick up a new book, or binge watch that new show you have been wanting to check out for the longest time. Being at home, or at least in the comfort of your own space, gives you the freedom of being able to get creative with things you might want to try. Perhaps you have been wanting to try out the recipe you have saved in your highlights or a new DIY project — now is the perfect time to do so. Make this break about you.

Even if you happen to have homework to do over the span of the break, make sure to take the time to do something for yourself. Treat yourself to some you-time.

Whatever it is that you decide to do with your available free time, make sure it does not come with consequences attached. Have fun, but don’t be reckless. All too often, we all hear, ‘You are one decision away from a completely different life,” and they are right. Take care of yourself while enjoying the time you have at your disposal. You are young but not invincible.

If you plan to travel, make sure to stay up to date on what is going on in the area you plan to visit and/or stay. Always make sure to research your destination. Make sure to always have a plan when going to an unfamiliar place. Stay with your group, and always let a trusted friend, family member or whomever you may be traveling with know where you are at all times.

Oftentimes, there are many people who think bad things won’t happen to them. It’s good to have a positive mindset, but things can go in a completely different direction if we get too trusting in an unfamiliar setting.

If you feel unwell, seek a professional. Googling your symptoms has never been beneficial for anyone, especially if it turns out to be something worrisome. A short visit to the doctor will give you a proper diagnosis with information on how to handle it and what medication to use.

As many of you have been reminded frequently, make sure you are washing your hands frequently and avoid touching your face. No one wants to spend their break being sick, so if you are feeling unwell, stop to see a doctor.

Whether you plan to travel, go back home, stay on campus or otherwise, make sure you enjoy yourself. Have fun and rejuvenate yourself so that by the time you return to classes, you’re reading to knock them out gracefully and finish the semester strong.