Cyclone Aides promote Iowa State through student experience


Cyclone Aides are undergraduate students working to make the transition to college easier on incoming freshmen.

Morgan Laviolette

Student leaders are working to create a positive experience for incoming freshman through the Cyclone Aide program at Iowa State.

Cyclone Aides are undergraduate students who take the next step of leadership by facilitating Destination Iowa State (DIS) and Orientation for incoming students at Iowa State. They help prepare students in their transition to college and serve as a resource for questions, tours and information.

“When new students are coming into Iowa State University for the first time, it’s oftentimes very stressful and confusing,” said Aaron Leppert, senior in chemistry and Cyclone Aide adviser. “Cyclone Aides were implemented to streamline that process and make it a lot more comfortable for students and families.”

Cyclone Aides have a heavy emphasis on students already making their way to Iowa State rather than prospective students looking into the university, which is what Student Admissions Representatives (STARS) focus on. 

Student panels have been a large part of Cyclone Aides’ participation at Orientation for students and parents to build a better understanding of what student life is like on campus.

“In July, [Cyclone Aides] participate in different office meetings to plan for different functions like DIS,” Leppert said. “Last year, I was on the picnic kickoff committee where we help plan the picnic and kickoff for DIS, where students get to experience the different clubs and organizations offered before heading into Hilton Coliseum to partake in the kickoff [of their journey].”

Cyclone Aides also participate in transfer orientation, where transfer students can come in either fall or spring semester that are transitioning to Iowa State.

“Cyclone Aide is actually a position that you’re only allowed to sign up for one time and participate in one time, unless you go on to become an adviser,” Leppert said. “There are only five [students] out of the Cyclone Aide class that go on to become an adviser. […] We do that so that we can get new student experiences every single year for the individuals coming to orientation so things stay fresh and interesting.”

Leppert believes the most important part of the job as a Cyclone Aide is to help students become comfortable with Iowa State and transition from high school to a university-level life.

“We’re here to help students see themselves at Iowa State in a position where they can continue to grow and continue to chase their dreams,” Leppert said. “We want Iowa State to be that fit for students.”

Leppert said there is an “exciting new event” to take the place of student panels this summer, but the surprise cannot be disclosed yet.