Greeks Go Green encourages sustainability and eco-friendly living


Brian Achenbach/Iowa State Daily

Greeks Go Green worked to clean campus by participating in the cleanup of Lake Laverne on Iowa State’s campus.

Avery Staker

To foster a bond in the Sorority and Fraternity Community and promote activism among members, Greeks Go Green is informing students on how to be sustainable and environmentally friendly in their everyday lives.

Greeks Go Green (GGG) is a student-led organization that is open to all members of the Sorority and Fraternity Community. The main purpose of GGG is to provide Iowa State students with a platform to become involved with sustainability and spread awareness in the Ames community, according to the organization’s webpage. They wish to serve as a network for “green activism” on campus and in the city of Ames. 

GGG places importance on the little things anyone can do to make the world a healthier place, including eating less red meat, shopping with reusable bags, buying reusable cups and containers and shutting off lights when not in use.

GGG has done various outdoor projects around campus, including a Lake Laverne cleanup. Now, they are starting to plan events and activities for the Sorority and Fraternity Community, including a video about the small changes people can make during everyday life to help the planet.

“If every person makes one small change every day, the impact is amazing,” said Molly Gustafson, GGG member and sophomore in animal science.

A larger project GGG is planning is providing all sorority and fraternity chapter facilities on campus with recycling bins. Since the city of Ames does not currently have a recycling service, GGG hopes to provide it themselves for the community.

GGG hopes to have a far-reaching impact in the Ames community by teaching citizens and students how to make their home a greener, healthier environment.

“We impact Iowa State positively because we are trying to make the campus more eco-friendly,” Gustafson said. “By providing information for students, we will make the campus as a whole a more sustainable and healthy environment to get an education in.”

Gustafson recommends that students join their organization and start making an eco-friendly impact on Iowa State’s campus.

“You should join Greeks Go Green if you care about the environment and really want to see changes being made,” Gustafson said. “This club has taught me how to have an idea and execute, rather than just keep talking about it. We only have one planet every idea is valuable and could make change!”

If sorority and fraternity members are interested in learning more about Greeks Go Green, they can check out their Twitter, @greeksgogreen, or their Facebook page titled Greeks Go Green at Iowa State. To contact GGG’s officers about joining the organization, students can visit their student organization webpage.