Education students to network with educational institutions


Elementary Education adviser Becky Koenen speaks with a group of students about the School of Education. The Iowa State School of Education educates future teachers from early education to K-12.

Quinn Vandenberg

The College of Human Sciences will be hosting the spring 2020 Teacher Education Career Fair to provide students looking for employment in school settings and the opportunity to network with educational institutions.

Students will be able to meet with representatives from school districts from 1 to 4 p.m. Monday in the ISU Alumni Center.

The College of Human Sciences’ website states the career fair is open to anyone “seeking employment as a teacher, exploring student teaching options, or looking for ways to enhance their professional communication and networking skills.”

Those graduating soon are also strongly encouraged to attend as they begin their search for full-time employment, according to the website.

Tammy Stegman, Interim Program Manager for Human Sciences Student Services, said the career fair is a collaborative effort with the Teacher Education Services and 73 districts are registered to attend the event.

Stegman said the majority of visiting employers will be from Iowa, but representation from outside the state is expected to attend including Arizona, Minnesota and Colorado.

“If a student is actively [looking for] a position, […] they will want to make sure they have a resume that displays their related experiences in a nice folder,” Stegman said.

Students currently not seeking employment can attend the career fair to network, introduce themselves and learn about the recruiting districts, Stegman said.

“Even if [a student] is not immediately looking for a position […] it’s a good opportunity for them to connect with the school districts that are, basically, right here in our backyard,” Stegman said.

Stegman said students attending the event should wear professional attire and not arrive in jeans, sweatshirts or sweatpants.

Last year’s Teacher Education Career Fair had around 300 in attendance and Monday’s participation is predicted to meet or exceed that figure, Stegman said.

According to the College of Human Sciences website, prior registration is not required to attend.