Cyclones riding momentum into I-75 Challenge

The Iowa State Softball team huddles at the end of the top of seventh inning during their lose to #15 Texas Tech.  Iowa State lost to Texas Tech 8-4 on Mar. 31, dropping their record to 18-15 overall and 1-5 in Big 12 play. 

After an excellent tournament play in South Carolina ending that weekend on a high note winning three out of the four the only loss being to South Carolina Gamecocks

Head Coach Pinkerton and the Cyclones are looking to keep that momentum high heading into this weekend I-75 challenge with two doubleheaders on Friday and Saturday against Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State, and a Sunday game with Georgia State. 

Head Coach Pinkerton  

How important was it for your team to perform well in the 7th inning in the Michigan game. 

coach thought on the Michigan game. “I thought we stay poised the whole and we just got in a situation where we got a couple of runners on in scoring positions. Ellie came through with the go-ahead hit and was able to add on two more runs. we played a clean ball game, Ellie, pitching great got timing hitting, and we didn’t beat are self with defensive mistakes.”  

How proud are you of Sami Williams becoming Iowa State’s all-time home run leader? 

Coach Pinkerton on Sami- “I’m proud of Sami. She is a dedicated athlete; she works hard. She does a great job of owing craft and skills; it’s always great to see a player have success. Her teammate and fans are thrilled for her. I would be proud of her if she would get it or not.”

What is your message to your team heading in this weekend games? 

Coach Pinkerton message to the team “it is an expectation over the two years that we were here it’s the culture that we are building we expect that when we go on the filed, at the plate, and defensive  

What do you expect out of your opponents this weekend? 

Head Coach Pinkerton’s thoughts on opponents this weekend.

 “Georgia Tech is a much-improved team than last year team, and Kennesaw State, who is currently 13-1 there a good team, and Georgia State is traditionally a good team in there conformance.

 If we go down and play the way we did, we have a perfect shot of it.”  

Freshman Caril Spelhaug

can you describe how cool it was to see your teammate Sami breaking the home run record?

 “It was awesome to see how hard she works so hard every day in practice to back after the injury she had in the during fall the fall. She didn’t skip a beat at all.

Carli also talks about how being freshman this year that Sami has been a great leader to look up. 

Carli on Sami’s leadership skills- 

“great person and role model. She took me under her wing, showing the rails. being freshman having someone like that to lead me is awesome.”  

What is coach Pinkerton message heading into this weekends games 

Carli on the coach messages- “keep that momentum going we had a good bound back after are Florida trip and keeping are clam and knowing we can beat their top-ranked teams.” 

How do you make sure as a team you keep the momentum heading to this weekend? 

Carli on rinding that momentum going forward- “its why not us that we can beat those teams and having the conflicts.”

Carli on playing ranked teams “sometimes, people will look at us think that we’re not a good team just because we’re not a ranked team, but we have so many talents on this team, and we can compete against top-ranked teams.” 

How important was it to close out Michigan in the 7th inning?

Carli, “when they had bases load with no outs, I didn’t think any of us was nervous we all had either other backs and knew we were going get out of else and had all the conflicts in the world.”

Carli on her sister Ellie being on the mound. “I look at her, said you got this, and she giving me that look saying she got this, and I know we would have her back.”  

Freshman Alesia Ranches 

can you describe how cool it was to see your teammate Sami breaking the home run record?

Alesia on Sami’s record- “it was very cool everybody was so pumped up for her the moment she hit we know it was out, and we were just so happy for her.”

How do you make sure as a team you keep the momentum heading to this weekend? 

Alesia on keeping that momentum going heading this into Georgia- “just knowing who we are and we can do going help us move forward and continue to win.”

What is the coach Pinkerton message heading into this weekends games 

Alesia on coach message this weekend- “Just have fun and sticking to what we are capable of doing.” 

Senior Sami Williams-  

How amazing was it to break the ISU home run record? 

Sami on breaking the home run record- “I didn’t realize I broke it until are strength coach ran out to Center Field and ran back give it to me. That was the moment when Sami realized she broke the record. “I didn’t, and I was in range until after the first game.” 

If I told freshman Sami Willimans knowing what you know, would she have expected this? 

“I don’t think so before my freshman, and I have no idea what to expect. I have always been more of a contact hitter, and gap hitter and lifting help me a lot.” 

How great was it to get that excellent team win over Michigan in the 7th inning?

Williams thoughts on the final inning in the Michigan game- “in a moment like that in an offense we don’t get those runs and still tied 1-1 that seems like oh gosh we got to protect here, but since we had the big lead were just focus on getting outs we don’t have to make the crazy plays and win the game.”  

How do you make sure as a team you keep the momentum heading to this weekend?  

Williams, on keeping the momentum heading to this weekend- “we just think about on we felt during this week and reflect during those games and what we did well.” 

What is the Head Coach Pinkerton message heading into this weekend’s games? 

Willams on Coach Pinkerton’s message for this weekend games- “Justing focusing on these opponents that were a great win, we can say that good effort.”

Sami talks about what to see form this weekend’s opponent.

” We have been watching their pitchers what kinda gameplans we may have against them. It will be different just because we are playing doubleheaders against Georgia Tech and Kennesaw State; it’s well interesting how to see if we can make adjustments or not.