Wells: Be informed when you caucus


Columnist Annelise Wells argues that while it is important to caucus, people should also do their research. She writes that you should form your own opinions based on your own research.

Annelise Wells

With the Iowa caucuses less than a week away, candidates are focusing on this weekend for a last push in Iowa before the state’s first-in-the-nation primary. 

While candidates have been focusing on Iowa for over a year now, soon enough they will be jetting off to Vermont, New Hampshire and other states.

Because of the caucuses, Iowa has such a unique opportunity in the political realm. However the cards fall in Iowa is a big deal and often influences voting throughout the rest of the country.

This is why it is so important to exercise your civic duty and your right to vote by participating in the caucuses. But before you head out to your caucus location, make sure you do your research.

The internet is a blessing and a curse when it comes to information. On one hand it makes it easier than ever to see which candidate you align with the most, but on the other you have to make sure you are reading credible news sources, because anybody can post anything on the internet.

Read articles from reputable news sights and browse the candidates’ webpages to see where they stand on issues that are most important to you. It’s really easy to just go along with whoever your friends or parents are voting for, but it’s so important to form your own opinions. If your opinions change or if they are similar to those of your friends or family doesn’t matter, as long as you do your homework before heading out on Monday night. 

It doesn’t matter who you decide to caucus or vote for, as long as you make an informed choice after weighing your options. If you find a candidate who really aligns with your values, that’s great, just make sure you are doing your research.

I encourage you to take advantage of your unique opportunity as an Iowan to participate in the caucuses. If you are not eligible to caucus, encourage your friends and family who are registered in Iowa to take part. I also encourage you to form your own opinions by seeing where the candidates stand on issues that are close to your heart.

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