Up and coming models breaking into the fashion industry

New models working this season’s runways are ones to look out for. 

Bethany Schleisman

The profession of modeling was created by Charles Frederick Worth in 1853. Since then, the modeling industry has evolved. 

Over the years there have been many top tier models that everyone pays attention to such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Naomi Campbell. But what about the replacements coming for them? Who are the new and upcoming models we need to be on the watch for?

The professional modeling world and fashion industry have attempted to embrace certain diversity and inclusion elements in recent years. Some newcomers are examples of an evolving mindset in certain fashion spheres. Models with disabilities, gender-fluid models and many more who do not fit the “norm” are breaking into the industry.

One of the new and upcoming models that everyone should be on the lookout for is HoYeon Jung. Her platform recently skyrocketed after being in Netflix’s Squid Games.

Jung is 27 years old and started as a freelance model walking in Seoul Fashion Week. Her social media platform has gained huge popularity with over 23 million followers on Instagram and will only continue to grow.

Another new and upcoming model that we should keep our eyes on is Anton William Heitzig from Germany. With only a little over 3,500 followers on Instagram he has already signed with four different modeling agencies. He has been showcased in STICKY Magazine and does runway and print work.

Ajok Madel from South Sudan has a following of 14,000 on Instagram after grabbing attention from modeling for huge brands such as Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen and Dries van Noten.

The young 19-year-old model now lives in Australia and has only been modeling for a short time, but has gained notoriety. Working with these top brands has boosted her following and we will continue to see her walking multiple runway shows.

Many other upcoming models such as Ashley Radjarame, Berit Heitmann, Tetsu Chauvaux and Yorgelis Marte are gaining followings and booking important career moves. Whether on the runway and or in print you are sure to see them in 2022.