Ames School Board election profile 2021: William Scott Dyer

William Dryer is running for Ames School Board. (photo courtesy of William Dryer)

William Dryer is running for Ames School Board. (photo courtesy of William Dryer)

Charles Klepps

William “Scott” Dryer is as one of seven candidates running for the three available seats on Ames School Board.

Dryer worked in education for 28 years. He served as a teacher, coach, administrator and vice principal. He currently serves as an educational consultant for the Iowa Department of Education. 

Dryer said he believes his experience in the education system would be beneficial towards helping the Ames School District. He said he believes that his experience would bring an impactful perspective towards their business.

“I think it would serve the schools well to have that kind of point of view,” Dryer said. 

His main goal is to establish more leadership within the school district. He wants to work towards hiring a new superintendent because he believes that leadership is important and it will fill a crucial void for students and teachers. 

He also said he wants to continue building on the initiatives the Board has in place. While he doesn’t feel the need for huge changes, his ultimate goal is to make life the best it can be for the students. 

“I just want to build on everything in place,” Dryer said. “I want to make everything work better for students. Maybe not through changes, but through improvements.”

He also discussed the importance of equity. He believes that it is the base of all of the work that the School Board can get done.  

“I certainly want to focus on equity,” Dryer said. “It is the foundation of all work. Without equity, it is hard to get anything else done.” 

Dryer has lived in Ames for four years. Before that he resided in Jewell, Iowa. He is running and funding his campaign on his own with the goal of making an impact. 

“I’m not running with anyone,” Dryer said. “I’m financing myself. I am just an educator wanting to make a difference.”