Intramural sign-ups still open for fall semester


Iowa State University’s Recreation Services offers many ways for students to get involved.

Ella Hawkins

Intramural sports are consistently popular among students at Iowa State. Extending year-round, 8,000 to 9,000 students participate in a variety of activities on campus.

“We provide a safe and fun atmosphere that offers activities to help students be active a couple hours each week,” Nathan Pick, an intramural coordinator at Recreation Services, said. “We also are a great stress reliever or a way to get away from classes and other stressors and just come and have fun for a few hours each week.” 

Intramurals can be a great way to meet new people on campus and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In between classes and studying, students have the opportunity to have fun with friends and relieve any stress.

Iowa State offers indoor and sand volleyball, basketball, flag football, table tennis, pickleball and disc golf. In addition to these, some more unique options include top rope competition, bowling, trivia contests, curling, mini golf and ESPORTS competitions.

Pick said they always get the most teams and participants in basketball, but the most popular sport for women is volleyball.

Intramural sports try to consistently promote a positive atmosphere, incorporating team-building and sportsmanship in all activities. This can ensure that all students can have a positive experience when participating in a sport.

“We also have a ton of ways to focus on holistic wellness that is essential to college students’ success during their four years,” Pick said. “Students need to take care of themselves and Rec Services has programs and facilities to cater to those areas.”

If you are looking for other active opportunities, Iowa State Recreation Services also offers virtual or in-person fitness classes at State Gym, outdoor recreation equipment rental and facilities for use, to list a few.

For more information about Iowa State’s Recreation Services, check out their website.