Everything you need to know about popular fashion trend: color analysis

The House of Colour determines what color palettes work best with what skin tones so people can dress in tones that look complementary to them. 

Bethany Schleisman

Colors are something that affect our lives daily, even if we don’t think about it. We are drawn to certain colors because we like them, but what if certain colors were drawn to us?

Have you ever thought that there might be a science behind what colors look best on you and why?

House of Color is a service that tests different color palettes on different skin tones to determine what colors enhance an individual’s “glow.” The service has developed into a practice since the 1980s.

“The roots of color analysis go back to Hollywood where Robert Dorr, an artist who knew of Johannes Itten’s theories of color groupings developed in the Bauhaus, observed how an actress could look wonderful one day, yet tired and older another; he recognised this was the effect of the color she was wearing on her skin and the beginnings of color analysis were born,” the House of Colour’s website read.

“House of Colour is a franchise business that trains consultants to analyze clients based on color science to determine their best colors for clothing and makeup,” Kim Jensen, a licensed Color and Style Consultant in the Ames area, said. “HOC also offers a style consultation that uses your body architecture, personality, and lifestyle to determine your best style of clothing including silhouettes, fabrics, prints, scale, accessories and more. These services give both men and women more confidence to look their very best.”

There are four color seasons that you may fall under.

First is spring, with a selection of yellow-based warm colors. Second, is summer which gives you a wide array of blue-based and cool colors. Next is the yellow-based autumn palette and lastly you have the winter colors that are blue-based.

Knowing “your colors” is an investment according to Kim Jensen.

“Your season never changes either because your undertones in your skin never change so you’ll have this information for your entire life,” she said.

Colors can carry on into other aspects of your life. Jensen personally finds herself painting her nails, buying home decorations, coffee mugs and other things that are colors within her own autumn palette.

Confidence is a huge thing many men and women lack. Knowing what colors look best on you can change that, and many people can testify to that sentiment.

Jaclyn Greiner, who has had her colors done by a HOC Consultant, said, “I take more risks now with my hair, accessories and clothing because I’m confident that my choices, guided by my cool winter colors and romantic style, are the best option for me. I focus less on what is trending, and more on what makes me feel like me.”

Jensen said her confidence changed.

“Without a doubt…I had been wearing all the wrong shades of clothing and makeup my whole life! There was no doubt my skin cleared, my features were more defined, I looked less tired and more youthful,” Jensen said.

Having your colors done can save you time, money and energy. You might learn to see and understand what looks best on you and why. The expensive dress could be worth the money because you know it will look good on you for years to come. There may be less wasteful shopping and time spent on picking out what to wear. Everything in your wardrobe will look and make you feel amazing.

Jensen likes to remind people that even though you have your colors done.

“There is no color police! You can take what you want from your color consultation and interpret it into your life however you want,” she said.