Takeaways: Cyclone softball unable to maintain energy against UNI and Drake

First basemen Carli Spelhaug making a play against Drake University. 

Ellie Bousson

The Iowa State softball team has seen better days. The Cyclones are currently on an eight-game losing streak. With inexperience and a lack of energy, they have struggled to walk away victorious.  

The last win the Cyclones have seen this season was against the Drake Bulldogs two weeks ago. 

After losing both series to Oklahoma State and the University of Texas, the Cyclones had an opportunity to shake off the six-game losing streak, but they were unable to meet the mark, losing to Drake University late in the game. 

The Cyclones were unable to battle offensively and defensively against the Northern Iowa Panthers. Iowa State was cut short in the sixth inning after the Panthers pulled ahead by eight runs.

Drake Bulldogs

Iowa State came out strong — there was a definite momentum and energy that was prevalent in the beginning of the game.

Junior Mikayla Ramos started off with an RBI to bring home senior Sami Williams. With Ramos and Malaysia Ochoa on base, sophomore Alesia Ranches snuck one through the left side of the infield, bringing in two more runs for the Cyclones. 

The second inning was another round of success for the Cyclones with consistent pitching by freshman Saya Swain. Iowa State scored three more runs, making it a 6-0 lead. 

It appeared there was going to be an obvious winner. 

There was no progessive action made in the next three innings by the Bulldogs or the Cyclones; neither team could find a way to hit home plate. 

The lights turned on for the Bulldogs late in the game. In the sixth inning, Drake picked up two runs after advancing by a walk, hit on a pitch and a shot through the Cyclones infield. 

The Bulldogs had bases loaded a majority of the final inning. They picked up two more runs with strategic hitting and poor defense by the Cyclones. With two Bulldogs on base, Laura Anderson of Drake hit a home run, pulling ahead of Iowa State by one run. 

The Cyclones were unable to bring anyone home during their last at-bat rotation, leaving two players on base with potential to score. In Iowa State’s fourth battle of the season against Drake, the Cyclones lost 7-6.

Swain expressed one detrimental factor that was missing in the game against the Bulldogs. 

“Energy — … we were lacking,” Swain said.

Northern Iowa Panthers

The Cyclones traveled to Cedar Falls to take on the Panthers. This was the second game of the season between these two Iowa rivals. 

Northern Iowa took the lead early on to start the game. With four runs by the top of the second inning, they did not give up anything to the Cyclones.

In the bottom of the second inning, Iowa State secured its first run with assistance from Williams and Ramos. Logan Schaben smashed one out of the park in the third inning to push the Cyclones closer to the Panthers. 

Iowa State was unable to score again from this point. Northern Iowa found a way to bring home five players in the sixth inning, making the final 10-2.

The Iowa State softball team will continue its season Saturday against North Dakota State in Fargo, North Dakota.