StuGov approves funding for the Pakistan Student Association

Senate also approved funding for the Table Tennis Club


Jay Waagmeester

Student Government meets every Wednesday in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.

Funding for the Pakistan Student Association, Table Tennis Club and Equestrian Hunt Team was on the agenda for the Student Government Senate.

Senators unanimously voted to partly fund two events that the Pakistan Student Association is hosting as well as to support advertisements for the organization’s flood victim fundraiser.

The amount granted was $2,215, with $1,904 designated for ethnic food for the organization’s Eid Milad Un Nabi celebration which will take place toward the end of the semester.

“Eid Milad Un Nabi is like Christmas for us. For a Muslim, that’s a big thing, and it’s open to everyone,” said Muhammad Azhan, club treasurer. “We do have a certain portion of the Muslim community in Ames, so I would say it’s a good initiative to have it.”

The remaining $310 granted was for advertisement as well as an ESPN+ subscription for the organization to stream the International Cricket Council World Cup. The World Cup starts Oct. 15, lasts for nearly a month, and is a popular part of Pakistani culture.

The Senate voted to wave first read on a bill that would allocate $300 to the Table Tennis Club.

Each year the Table Tennis Club must pay a membership fee to its governing body, the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association.

The Senate chose to fast track the bill to a vote because the membership dues were fast approaching and voting on the bill next week would cause the organization to pay a late fee.

Waiving the first reading means the finance committee did not see the bill before it hit the Senate floor, but Finance Director Kit Clayburn, senior in animal ecology, assured the Senate that this bill was compliant with funding requirements.

“Finance committee as a whole did not see this, but if it is just league registration fees, we do fund league registration fees on a case by case basis,” Clayburn said.

Having final discretion over the Student Activity Fee, the Senate voted unanimously to fund the Table Tennis Club.


Quinn Margrett, a freshman majoring in pre-business, stood before the Senate to be confirmed as a residence hall Senator only a week after he was confirmed as an at-large on the local affairs committee.

“Underclassmen aren’t always proportionally represented here on campus or even in Student Government,” Margrett said. “Many underclassmen are yet to find the means or outlet to become engaged. That’s why I see so much potential in continuing to bridge that divide by connecting residents of traditionally first and second year housing to their Student Government.”

As a result of his new membership in the Senate, his position on the local affairs committee changed from at-large to Senator.

Jessica Olander, a senior in environmental science and former member of the sustainability committee, was confirmed again as an at-large member of the sustainability committee.

Maria Ladenburger, a freshman in environmental science, was also confirmed to the sustainability committee.

Additionally, Alex Cecil, a senior in agronomy, announced his resignation as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Effective at the conclusion of Wednesday’s meeting, Brady Schlueter, a graduate student in political science, became Chief Justice.

“I feel I could serve the student body in a much better way if I do some other things,” Cecil said. “I’ve been on the court for two and a half years.”

Next Week

  • The Senate will see a funding request from the Equestrian Hunt Team for rentals for their upcoming event.
  • The request before the finance committee sees it is $3,258.40 and would be taken from the Senate Discretionary account.
  • The Senate will also see a line item transfer from Dance Marathon.