A timeline of events regarding verbal abuse accusations against head soccer coach


Jacob Rice

Head soccer coach Matt Fannon watches from the sidelines as Iowa State defeats Iowa on Sept. 9.

Andrew Harrington, Sports Editor

Iowa State University has yet to comment on accusations against head soccer coach Matt Fannon of mistreating and verbally abusing athletes. The allegations were made by multiple former players of his and released in an investigative piece reported by the Des Moines Register.

Athletes of Fannon have also released a statement in support of Fannon as a coach. Here is a timeline of the events that have taken place since the story’s release.

October 26

The Des Moines Register released its original story, including former Iowa State player Olivia Wee and former Bowling Green (Where Fannon coached prior to Iowa State) player Alyssa Abernot speaking on the record about their experiences with Fannon as their coach.

Wee alleged that Fannon intentionally ordered too small of a uniform for her and that the players were forced to be weighed before practice, with the numbers available for all players to see.

Abernot alleged that Fannon told her that if she wanted to be successful, she should get breast reduction surgery.

The Iowa State Daily reached out to the athletics department for a statement but received no response.

October 27

The Iowa State Daily reached out to the athletics department for a second and third time, and Senior Associate Athletics Director Nick Joos declined to comment on behalf of Athletic Director Jamie Pollard.

October 31

Former Bowling Green soccer player Jennifer Reyes, who played under Fannon, released a statement on social media, stating the former players were “appalled by the accusations.” 


The statement was shared by multiple former Bowling Green soccer players, who said Fannon was not only good to them when they played for him but that he has continued supporting them after their careers.

November 3

Former Cyclone Cora Anderson spoke to the Des Moines Register, accusing Fannon of trying to remove her from the team due to a health issue. If true, it would violate NCAA rules.

Anderson also made other accusations, including alleging Fannon made her play through an injury.

November 4

Current Cyclones Kenady Adams and Salomé Prat released statements on social media that said Fannon has been helpful to them both on and off the field, disagreeing with the negative statements made about Fannon.

Kenady Adams Twitter Statement

Salomé Prat Twitter Statement

November 5

Wee, from the original article, took to social media to share the support she has received after speaking up, which included former and current players and coaches.

Olivia Wee Twitter Post

November 7

Matt Fannon receives a contract extension through 2026. Fannon was previously contracted through 2024.

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This story is subject to updates as more information comes out.