For some, fashion is a tool to express gender and sexuality

Annabelle White

Six students spoke about different individuals who are apart of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The event was in the Pioneer Room in the Memorial Union on Thursday evening.

The six students were Amanda Arp, Tara Efobi, Erin French, Carolyn Schar, Julia Page and Grace Olsen.

Each student picked someone of interest and how their fashion choices conveyed their identities as individuals to present on, and create an interactive, visual exhibit.

One of the individuals featured was Zachary Vang, a former Iowa State student who is now focused on spreading beauty tips through Instagram and often works with makeup brands and advertising. He found a way to express himself through makeup.

Efobi’s interactive exhibit for Vang was a mirror with false eyelashes on a table for people to try on and feel empowered much like Vang did when he put on his fake eyelashes.

“These interactive exhibits make me feel like I can understand the LGBTQ community when it comes to how they express themselves through fashion,” said Megan Kirchgatter, a senior in animal science who attended the event. “I never think about my own clothes as a way to express myself. Turns out they are.”

Another presentation was about Page’s personal friend Isaac. She went on to explain the change he made when it comes to apparel.

“Being his friend, I noticed that his confidence was higher than before,” Page said.

She displayed pictures of him in different outfits from an everyday fall outfit, a spring/summer outfit, and a formal outfit. Things like the style of his short tight shorts and “John Lennon” sunglasses is what made Isaac feel confident and comfortable.

He told Page that before he started dressing the way he wanted to dress, he followed “straight male” norms when it came to clothing and he felt like “trash.”

There were many presentations and different exhibits that included many different people and how they each expressed themselves. From gender fluid to gay, those featured each used different fashion techniques to express themselves in a unique way.