Orientation Guide: Ticket Information

Jack Macdonald

Tickets, tickets, tickets.

You need tickets to enter nearly any sporting event, so here is a guide on how to acquire those tickets. At Iowa State University, most tickets are linked through the student ID card. However, that is only if you have the All Sports Package or the Football Season Ticket Package.

Don’t be worried if you don’t have either of those packages because there are several options to obtain a ticket and some events are even free. Here are some of the options.


Iowa State features a great Facebook page called ISU Ticket Trader. This page is open to everyone and allows you to post messages in hopes of getting tickets. Students selling to another students are allowed to transfer them by printing them off.

This page is also a great way to try and sell a ticket if you can’t make it to a game.

The page is open to anyone, and the general public can gain access to the tickets if they are sold to a non-Iowa State student.

Fear not, this isn’t the only option.


With most tickets being sold on the ISU Ticket Trader page being student seating, this is a nice option for tickets outside of the student section. The page is linked to Ticketmaster, a third-party site, but tickets to home and away games can be found here.

“Ticketmaster was a very easy way to get a ticket to my first [Iowa State] basketball game,” said junior Reid Aebischer. “All I had to do was print it out and I was good to go.”

Tickets on this are generally more expensive than the Facebook page, but the seats can be of better quality and not in the student section.

Season Tickets

For students, this is the best option at getting tickets. Every Iowa State student can be entered into a drawing. The All Sports Package includes season tickets for football, men’s and women’s basketball, wrestling, gymnastics and volleyball. The going rate for this package was $249 for the 2017-18 season.

“Season tickets are great because I know I can go to all the big games without having to worry about paying a lot for a ticket or being unable to get one,” sophomore Grant Rumlow said.

If football is your only interest, then the Football Season Ticket would be your best selection. The price was $125 for all home games in the 2017-2018 season.

While gymnastics, wrestling, volleyball and women’s basketball is listed in the All Sports Package, students can gain access to these events for free with their student ID.

So as you can see, every student has several options to cheer on the cardinal and gold.