Daily Dates Singles Reflection: Wyatt Waterbury and Victoria Vollema

Eight singles were paired together to talk about some of their most intimate feelings on sex, affection, communication and exclusivity in relationships. Following the conversation, participants were provided a date to go on together.

The following are date reflections from Wyatt Waterbury, straight graduate student in education, and Victoria Vollema, straight senior in kinesiology. 

Wyatt Waterbury’s Reflection 

I think the date went well. The conversation was easy, and we spent two hours just getting to know each other. We got a few flights of Torrent’s beers and had a lot of fun talking about which ones were good, and which ones weren’t so good.

As awesome as Tori was, I don’t think I would continue to date her. As friends, I think we could get along well, and I think communication could easily continue under that assumption, but from my perspective, we have different values that we both are very passionate about, and I would not want either of us to sacrifice those values for one another. I think Tori is an incredible, passionate person, and I am glad that I got the opportunity to get to know her through Daily Dates!

Victoria Vollema’s Reflection 

The date to Torrent Brewing Company was fun! Although at first, I wasn’t super excited about going to a brewery. I’ve never drunk beer and didn’t really have a strong desire to try it, but I’m glad I got the experience. We tried samples of many of the beers that Torrent has to offer and I learned they offer different flavors.

I chose to participate in Daily Dates because I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something new. Even though the idea of going on a date usually makes me uncomfortable, I didn’t feel any pressure or awkwardness going into the evening. I enjoy getting to know people who bring different perspectives on life. It felt easy to keep the conversation going and talk about a lot of different topics. He is very fun and genuinely himself, which I appreciate. I can see us getting along well as friends and he is a cool person to hang out with.