Five Seriously Sweet Gifts and Gadgets for Book Lovers

Allison Martyr

 Here are five cool, college-budget friendly, reading-related, gifts book lovers would love. 

Number One:

A library card phone case, offered on multiple sites within a range of prices, this case is cute, protects your phone and is unique!

Number Two:

Book themed pencils, unique, artsy and a must for class.

Check out this other pencil set here

 Number Three:

Novel Coloring Books.There are SO many coloring books available to purchase related to popular books, movies, and TV shows. Here are just a few…

1. Jane Austen 

2. Game of Thrones

3. Harry Potter

4. Red Queen

Number Four:

This next “gift” or “gadget” isn’t one thing, but a whole online store. Redbubble!

Redbubble has a little bit of everything, for everyone! Not just limited to book lovers. Redbubble is home to tons of artists making décor, stickers and even clothing for pretty much any tv show, video game, character, quote, etc.

Have a favorite harry potter character and want a sticker, pillow, phone case or piece of wall art of that favorite character? Redbubble’s got it!

Number Five:

 Library Candles

Browse through the collection of library scented candles has to offer, and pick out one representing your favorite classic author. A few of the candles available include: William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and more… Prices range from $8-$28 depending on the size of candle you’d prefer.

Happy Shopping!