Column: Accessing People Via Texting

Megan Petzold

As great as technology is, there is some kind of lost beauty in getting together with someone and having a conversation with them without distractions. The way people get to know each other is through experiences they have with each other. And with the technology we have now, it makes it hard to hold a conversation with someone without checking your phone.

Texting someone you’re interested in is a great way to keep in contact and find out more about them. Some people may even say it makes you have more bravery to ask something you wouldn’t ask in person. However, this could lead to a lack of conversation when you are together and losing the filter you would have had if you were with the person may end up intimidating them or giving them a different expectation of who you are. If you aren’t brave enough to say something to someone’s face, it probably shouldn’t be said. All things related to texting someone you have an interest in seem to be a good idea in the beginning. But they could lead to some very unexpected things with a bad outcome.

Lastly, everyone has had that first date that just was wrong in every way. When your date brings their phone as their date, it makes you feel they never had an interest in you. They would rather be with their phone than with you, so it makes you wonder why they agreed to the date in the first place. Plus, texting has been shown to make people feel they have more options than they actually have and those options are within reach. This mentality causes them to be unsatisfied with the relationship they are currently in.

Studies have shown constantly texting can make people shallow and self-obsessed. It isn’t ludicrous to understand why this happens, since social media is making posting so easy. And being able to talk to people all day, every day makes people feel more social and accepted than they feel they are in real life. Technology is great, but it is making people more shallow and obsessed with themselves than they were prior to having a phone.  

The moral of the story is if you really have an interest in someone, resist the urge to be on your phone. It will show them you care more about them than you do with filling the urge to make yourself feel better. Which sounds like a more appealing date than sitting with someone who isn’t paying any attention to you.