Orientation Guide: Letter from the editor: Welcome, Cyclones!


Alex Connor is the editor in chief of the Iowa State Daily for the fall 2018, spring 2019 academic year.

Alex Connor


Welcome to Iowa State. We’re glad you’re here.

As you begin to prepare for what will hopefully be one of the most pivotal, eye-opening and educational experiences of your adult life, all of us at the Iowa State Daily hope that you remain curious, as well as informed, about the happenings in your new community.

At the Iowa State Daily, we can help you with that.

As your campus newspaper, we want to ensure that you can get the most out of your Iowa State experience through providing you with daily articles on breaking news, sports, arts, entertainment, food and fitness.

One of the great things about higher education is the ability to not only learn more about yourself and the values and beliefs you hold dear, but to also learn about the ideas and thoughts that stand in opposition to your own. We hope to help guide this discourse through our opinion section.

We also recently launched Voices, a website that exists as a place to share, listen, educate, learn and inspire through dialogue. We encourage you, as Cyclones, to participate in this initiative and to help build diversity at Iowa State through sharing your lived experience via this platform.

We also hope that Iowa State challenges you, both as a student of our university but also of the world.

Use your time here to take classes on subjects you know nothing about. Expand your world view through participating in annual events such as the International Food Fair as a way to broaden your global mindset. In addition to that, don’t be afraid to leave Iowa State and study abroad for a semester.

As your campus newspaper, we’ll work daily to keep you informed about current events in our community. It’s on you, however, to act upon those opportunities.

To stay connected, take advantage of free resources on campus such as our daily print product, website, Daily Dose, social media content, app content and campus events.

As your time at Iowa State is just beginning, the Iowa State Daily encourages you to get involved. Make your voice heard, but also take time to step back and listen. Participate in your new community — all facets of it.

We are looking forward to all that you accomplish here at Iowa State, but don’t forget to enjoy the adventure.

All the best,

Alex Connor

Editor in Chief