Cycllones battle it out with No.19 Baylor in a 4-3 loss.

Iowa State senior Nychole Antillon swings for the ball during the Cyclones’ 11-4 loss to Texas. Antillon had two hits in the game.

Ivan Vega

In the second last game of the season at home, the Iowa State Cyclones came out to face the No.19 Baylor Lady Bears.

Lady Bears got on the score first. With their first two hits resulting in two base hits. The followed that with a double hit to score in the runner at second.

Baylor’s McGlaun would then homered to center field. Resulting in a three RBI homerun. Bringing the score to 4-0 within the first few pitches.

“After the first four batters you’re down four nothing, and you know everyone in the stands think ‘its going to be a long day’ but I know these [players] and I know that they fight.” Said head coach Jaime Pinkerton.

Senior out of Orange, California Nychole Antillon would then the Cyclones on the board with a 3 RBI homerun. Scoring in Sammy Williams and Sally Woolpert in the bottom of the third inning.

“Honestly, I was just trying to hit a ground ball, because that was our approach. And that wasn’t really a ground ball, but I’ll take it.” Antillon said on her initial thoughts on the homerun.

Antillon now has seven homeruns on the season. Her last tenure against the Lady Bears in Ames saw her also hit a three-run homerun.

“I was focusing on hitting inside pitches, cause of yesterday [Baylor pitcher] just attacked the inside corner. So, I had a lot of preparation before the game and once I saw the inside pitch I just turn on it.” Said Antillon.

Unfortunately for the Cyclones, this comeback would be cut short as the Cyclones struggled to get anyone home for the tying score.

The first attempt for the Cyclones to pull the tying score came in the bottom of the fifth.

With Williams out on third base, and Hannah Carter on pitch run for Woolpert on first, Antillon grounded out to end the possibility.

Their last attempt in the bottom of the seventh inning, came down to the three top batters on the list.

Williams who had been three of three over the day, was at the bat and struck out swinging. With Ramos on the second base.

“I wish things would have gone different for her, but you can’t complain over a [player] that goes three for four. Just the percentage caught up with us.” Said Pinkerton.

Sydney Stites would reach on a fielder’s choice, but Ramos was caught at trying to get to second base.

Woolpert would get the last hit of the day but wasn’t able to get anyone home.

“If you take the first batters and take it for the full length of the game, the outcome of the game was totally different than the start.” Said Pinkerton.

Savannah Sanders came out to pitch for the Cyclones, going out for all seven innings. Giving up earned runs on four total runs, and seven hits on the day. The only runs on the day being in the first inning of play.

“We did have a bad first inning and bounced back but she settled in and gave us six zeros and a chance to win. And that’s all you can ask.” Said Pinkerton.

After the first inning, she allowed for three hits on six innings, making a few adjustments to the batters she faced.

“I think it was just important to settle in at that point. I knew we had the offense to come in and score, we’ve done it before. Just settling in and getting easy out and not pressing too hard. “Said Sanders.

Sanders also had two strikeouts in the game, allowing the Cyclones to stay close through the whole game.

Iowa State is now 0-2 in the series, with the final series game being senior day for Nychole Antillon, Brianna Weilbacher, and Kalia Konz.