Neely, Bibiloni win Student Government presidential election, secure 69 percent of vote

Julian Neely and Juan Bibiloni were announced as Student Government’s next president, vice president on Thursday, March 8, 2018. 

Alex Connor

Julian Neely and Juan Bibiloni have been elected as Student Government’s next president and vice president respectively, according to election results announced Thursday evening.

With 4,091 votes received, Neely and Bibiloni secured 69 percent of the overall vote. Their opponents, Benjamin Whittington and Jocelyn Simms, received 28.5 percent of the overall vote with 1,689 votes received.

“It just showed that students believe in us. Students trust us. They were willing to put their their trust into us to make sure that we serve students correctly,” Neely said of the votes. “That means a lot. I’m so grateful to see that many students believe in us.”

In total, voter turnout was at 17.8 percent when considering spring enrollment numbers. This is down 6.2 percent from last year.

Jack Sanor, vice election commissioner, said voter turnout was not quite what the commission had hoped for, however, crediting bad weather and the lack of a referendum as possible explanations. 

“We expected it to go down a little bit,” he said. 

Neely and Bibiloni campaigned on “Moving Forward ISU” with a focus on changing, innovating and empowering students across campus as well as Iowa State’s community.

Major platform points by the candidates include: increasing student study and social spaces across campus, increasing Student Government transparency through continuing the monthly town hall program, as well as organizing walks advocating for diversity and inclusion on campus and higher education affordability.

“At the end of the day, it’s not just our platform anymore — it’s the platform the students elected,” Bibiloni said. 

Neely, president-elect, is a junior in journalism and mass communication and Bibiloni, vice president-elect, is a sophomore in mechanical engineering.

Both are currently involved in Student Government as Neely serves as the director of diversity and inclusion and Bibiloni represents the Inter-Residence Hall Association as a senator.

“It’s a team effort. We didn’t get to this point without our team,” Neely said. “Our team made a great contribution to this win.”

Neely and Bibiloni are set to be inaugurated April 12, effectively transitioning the administration from current President Cody West and Vice President Cody Smith.

Whittington said that while his team were disappointed they didn’t win, it was a great experience. 

“I wish Juan and Julian the best, and I hope they can do great things for ISU,” he said. 

Senators elected include:

Off-Campus Residence Area

  • Cody Woodruff, 1,003 votes
  • Analese Hauber, 938 votes
  • Caroline Warmuth, 918 votes
  • Anne Miller, 906 votes
  • Kathryn Walker, 893 votes
  • Ian Steenhoek, 879 votes
  • Dozmen Lee, 873 votes
  • Joshua Kettelkamp, 856 votes
  • Samuel Freestone, 797 votes

Inter-Residence Hall Association

  • Jacob Schrader, 618 votes
  • Vishesh Bhatia, 557 votes
  • Sandeep Stanley, 448 votes
  • Gabriel Rios, 16 votes
  • Ariana Sanchez, 14 votes

Frederiksen Court

  • Noah Heasley, 12 votes
  • Adam Steffensmeier, 8 votes

Collegiate Panhellenic Council

  • Samantha Schipper

Inter-Fraternity Council

  • Matthew Stenzel, 64 votes

University Village

  • Travis Lipford, 5 votes

Human Sciences

  • Claire Nauman, 556 votes
  • Wyatt Scheu, 439 votes

College of Design

  • Kaitlyn Sanchez, 241

Ivy College of Business

  • Austin Graber, 402 votes
  • Carmen Frederick, 305 votes

Agriculture and Life Sciences

  • Kelsey Culbertson, 271 votes
  • Madison Mueller, 262 votes

Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Ihssan Ait-Boucherbil, 410 votes
  • Sarah Moody, 274 votes
  • Katelyn Noah, 264


  • Juan Bibiloni, 584 votes
  • Kathryn Paszkiewicz, 495 votes
  • Courtney Beringer, 489 votes
  • Rachel Origer, 443 votes

Veterinary Medicine

  • Nicholas Cullen, 13 votes