Drop deadline quickly approaches


Alli Weaver/Iowa State Daily

The balcony of the Enrollment Services building offers a view of the changing autumn leaves.

Tyrus Pavicich

Any student considering dropping a class should finalize their decision before it’s too late.

Mindy Heggen, program coordinator for special registration and tuition and fee assessment, encourages students to submit their drops as soon as possible.

“Don’t wait until lunchtime Friday or the end of the day Friday,” said Heggens, “Allow enough time to come in the office and allow for there to be potentially a line so that way you give yourself enough time to make it where you need to go.”

In order to drop a class, students must talk to their academic advisor to acquire a pink add/drop slip. They then need to get signatures from both the relevant professor and their advisor before bringing the completed sheet to the Registrar’s office.

The relevant professor’s signature must come first.

Students dropping classes were previously required to pay a $12 schedule change fee, but the service is free as of fall 2017.

The registrar’s office immediately removes dropped classes from students’ schedules, although they’ll still be listed on transcripts with a cross in place of their letter grade.

Dropped classes don’t impact a student’s GPA as long as they meet the deadline, but Heggens said that students should talk to their advisors to determine if there will be any effect on their scholarships or other academic programs.

Completed add/drop slips should be turned in to the Registrar’s office on the ground floor of the Enrollment Services building by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 23.