PHOTOS: Off Hours

Iowa State Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion Reginald Stewart plays on his limited edition New York Series tenor saxophone in his office Feb. 5. Stewart’s family comes from New Orleans, where his dad played drums and uncle payed sax — so it was only natural when Stewart became interested in music and started playing the saxophone.In current years the saxophone has been a way for Stewart to unplug from the world and decompress but as an undergraduate, Stewart was active on the jazz/funk/hip-hop fusion scene and got to perform with quite a few artists, his favorite being Dizzy Gillespie.The horn that Stewart currently plays was made just before September 11 and was gifted to him by his wife. Shortly after 9/11, the production of this horn was halted, making it a very rare instrument which Stewart says reminds him that the United States should always remain the land of opportunity and that both hope and despair can be present in the same space.

In kindergarten, it was assumed that our teachers did not have lives outside of their classroom — they ate dinner in the cafeteria, slept in a murphy bed hidden behind one of their locked wall cabinets and waited for their students to return.  However, as we grew up and saw them shopping at Walmart we learned that this was not the case. Teachers and professors do in fact have lives outside of teaching which includes family and hobbies. Earlier this semester, the Daily asked on Twitter for students to submit names of professors who they thought had an interesting hobby to be featured. These are the results.